Cantina Cantina Valente di Solferino

Cantina Cantina Valente di Solferino Cantina Cantina Valente di Solferino

Formed from the deposits of glaciers, today the MORAINIC HILLS are the fertile ground for the cultivation of grapevines and olive trees. The mastery of this land has been arduous. Over the centuries, humans have tamed this unruly and morphologically chaotic territory by attempting to establish an irrigation system capable of liberating the land’s resources and energy for a wider production.

The relatively recent onset of irrigation within the Agrovoltese territory has transformed the aspect of these hills almost completely.

As is typical of these higher areas, the terrain is formed by a high percentage of clay and includes a great amount of stones. The high position, which is between 50 and 70 meters above lake level, allows our vineyards to receive good ventilation, which helps in keeping a low level of humidity whilst consequently minimalizes the need of protective interventions. From an environmental point of view, the area is a park of wonderful beauty, rich in vegetation and surrounded by vineyards. It is an area focused on agriculture, which contributes to the maintainance of the area’s rural identity.

Amongst the most characteristic elements of the landscape are the cypress trees, which were introduced into the area in ancient times. The cypress often marks the crest of the hills by standing alone against the sky, or by gathering in small circles called “roccoli”, once used for bird trapping. Not by chance, “Roccolo” is also the name of one our wines, since the vineyard is right next to one of these groups of cypresses.